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Why Choose nodeProtect

Control hundreds or even thousands of Windows firewalls as easy as One, all from a powerful and efficient web based service

Stop the The No 1# attack pattern i.e. lateral movement.

Manage servers cross network and security boundaries.

Get notified on local changes and identify who made what change and when.

Key values

Policy-driven network access

Cost-effectively implement end-point protection to segment your environment into more secure, isolated logical networks based on policy rather than network topology.

Built-in technologies

Uses the built-in technologies that are readily available in modern operating systems. This removes the need to make potentially disruptive changes to your network topology, existing applications, or requiring costly hardware upgrades.

Tiered access to trusted network resources

Offers you the flexibility to logically isolate an entire managed network, and/or protect specific applications servers, data and clients. For example, you can use nodeProtect to better protect your managed environment from threats originating from unmanaged or rogue computers.

Extend the value of existing infrastructure investments

Do even more with less by adding additional value to your existing infrastructure investments through the following benefits: Requires no additional investments in hardware and removes the need for potentially disruptive changes to network topology, applications, or costly infrastructure upgrades.

Reduce surface area that is exposed to attacks

Limit network communications to trusted, managed computers to help mitigate the risk of a rogue or unmanaged computer exploiting vulnerabilities, spreading malware or launching DoS attacks.

Add another layer to your defense-in-depth security strategy

Complement other host- and network-based security safeguards at the network layer with the benefits of host firewalls, adding protection closer to your important resources.

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nodeProtect on Performance

nodeProtect on Security

Compliance & Regulations

GDPR does not specify what technical implementations and organizational measures are required. This allows organizations to pursue a risk-based approach like ISO27001. NodeProtect maps to several ISO requirements and to the following GDPR articles:

Article 18 – Right to restriction of processing

Article 24 – Responsibility of the controller

Article 25 – Data protection by design and by default

Article 32 – Security of processing

Article 35 – Data protection impact assessment

NodeProtect addresses network security issues through software-defined segmentation, also known as micro-segmentation. Micro-segmentation reduces the risk of network security threats by minimizing lateral movement. NodeProtect uses the built-in firewall in the operating system and no third-party firewall is installed. As the security is configured at host level the protection follows the system regardless of virtualization platform, cloud provider or if it's a physical server. Strategies built on micro-segmentation can be used to support least privilege and privacy by design to safeguard sensitive data and intellectual property.


Why some of Sweden's largest authorities, banks and reputable companies use nodeProtect

Pricing Table

Free plan

0 / month

  • Hosted by nodeProtect

  • NodeProtect Dashboard

  • Firewall Inventory

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Firewall Rules

  • IP Scopes

  • Policies

  • Up to 5 end nodes

  • No credit card needed

Business plan

/ month

  • Price per node excl. tax

  • Hosted by nodeProtect

  • Includes all from Free +

  • History Tracking

  • Unlimited end nodes

  • Multiple Administrators

Enterprise plan

  • Contact us for pricing

  • Self-Hosted

  • Includes all from Business +

  • Active Directory SSO

  • Multi-Tenant support

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